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Non-Profit & Charitable Organization

At FOLEGAL, our team of nonprofit attorneys tailors creative legal strategies to assist nonprofits in navigating the complex regulatory environment in Nigeria while advancing its mission.

We provide legal advisory and compliance services and represent non-profit organizations in all aspects of their operations and management.

We advise on nonprofit formation and structure, tax management, comprehensive and pre-approved grant relationship models, board duties and governance, including design of governance structures and board trainings, risk oversight, conflict of interest, legal audits, general transactional matters, affiliations and collaborations, structuring of complex grants, program-related investments, impact investing, joint ventures, multi-funder initiatives, hybrid/tandem structures, and campaigns to influence public policy.

We also undertake litigation on behalf of non-profits, for example through judicial reviews or freedom of information requests, or any other public-interest litigation, whenever or wherever they arise in Nigeria or West Africa.

Our attorneys for nonprofit organizations also advise individuals and businesses on the use of private foundations, split interest trusts and other charitable giving techniques designed to maximize tax incentives.

We work for charities, non-profits, philanthropists, social enterprises, public-private partnerships in global health, social welfare and tech, international non-profits, social welfare organizations, advocacy groups, environmental organizations, fine arts and performing arts organizations, colleges and universities, trade associations, and private foundations of all types, including family foundations and corporate foundations working towards Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).

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